Crowdfunding Webseite

Webdesign Project made in late 2014 for Twig Project, an organisation dedicated to sustainable development.

We loved the propsal and started straight away with the hard task to finish every single detail of this website, in which the former Webdesign Studio from Madrid had forgotten to make it responsive.

The work consisted of moving the existing content to a new platform and to include a module for crowdfunding projects of the organisation.

The homepage slider was a nice work done by me. It was more a passionate idea I had more than a request from the client. I wanted to give the static homepage image (created with Photoshop) some movement, so I made the Photoshop layers appear as you can see on the live site. Look at the upper right detail of the bouncing ball.

We hope you like the new website Project Twig much as we do.

diseño web Crowdfunding Tenerife

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