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A few days ago we got a new SEO job from a client whose website is made exclusively in English (www.radinteriors.com). The aim of this job is increasing SEO for local Search Engines (Google.Es, i.e.) which is quite bad actually for the desired keywords. So here we are facing two problems:

1. All this company’s clients (or at least most of them) are British residents in Spain. And therefore they will be making thier searches in English.

2. In order to increase local SEO we must opitimize everything to get results under Google.es instead of Google.com, which is by the way quite acceptable right now.

3. The customer is not thinking (at least not yet) of including a new language into his website.

Global SEO vs Local SEO
Local SEO can be quite difficult if we are targeting another language in the desired country.

The Actual Situation

The site’s global SERPs are quite good for global results. The desired keywords are working in Google.com because most of the people speaking English in Spain would use the global option instead of the local one.

Nevertheless we find many things to improve in his website. These are some of the points to be made in order to optimize his site:

  • Images lack alt and title tags. We are not giving search engines a description of these images.
  • Metatags title and description are not optimized either. Only home page has keywords in the title.
  • Many texs are included in images instead of using HTML text. If you want to use a different font style try Google Fonts.
  • Lack of H1, H2, tags. No hyperlinks, no bold texts or keyword rich pages.
  • There is no social networks created. In case the customer is interested, we could implement this if it is going to be updated regularly.

Our Target

This is a quite peculiar case as we have never had to do local SEO in a different language. So from the beginning we will be applying all SEO tools to increase the SERPs in local Google. Then let’s see how it goes on…

First thing we will do is optimizing the site’s web content. Also we will make a backling strategy in local forums and directories with high ranking…

To be continued…

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