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SEO & Ranking ToolsA few days ago I came across some interesting tools to check the SERPs (Search Engine Result Page) and also Google’s Page Rank, but this later is a tool that has ceased to have the importance it had.

SERP Checker

With the first tool we can see fairly accurately which position a website is ranking at Google. I’ve done some testing and it is quite reliable. Has the similar effect as to search in Google through proxy (as I spoke about in my last post).

Really great tool

There is a FAQ that explains how it works. Ideally register to perform more detailed tests.

Screenshot of the Google SERP Checker tool
Screenshot of the Google SERP Checker tool.

The interesting thing is that you can local searches selecting you country. In this case I am using mostly Spain (

PR Checker

I love this tool because it is not like the other Page Rank tools. It is made with ajax and therefore you just write the domain directly in the box and it gives you straight away the PR of the inserted domain or url. I use this to check the “authority” a website has. But the Page Rank is becoming obsolete and is no longer as relevant as it used to. But it is a good tool for making decisions about where to place a backlink to your website.

Page Rank is measured from 0 to 10 being the highest the best authority. PR = 5 is a quite respectable rank… hope to reach that some day!.

Domain Authority

This page is similar to the previous one, with the difference that the PageRank refers to a page (it can be a long URL such and Domain Authority refers to the authority of a domain, as the name suggests. Is evaluated from 0 to 100

These are the tools I currently use in my work to check the positioning and ranking of sites. I hope you find them useful.

It would be interesting to know what other tools you would recommend. Tell me your opinion!

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  1. La primera todavía útil a día de hoy y bastante certera y rápida. Las otras no las he probado.

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