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SEO Marketing in Tenerife

How we manage to rank your website on the first page of Google‘s search results

SEO and Site Ranking in Tenerife

To understand how Search Engines work, we must first know what their functions are and what they were made for.

Search engines have to main functions: crawling and building of an index, and give results calculating the relevance of the search results. Imagine the Internet as a city’s public transport net.

Each bus stop would be a unique document or site (it can also be an image, a video, a PDF file, etc.). In order to find all these “bus stops” search engines crawl up the entire net and the best way to find them ist through the links.

Posicionamiento Buscadores SEO Tenerife

“The link structure of the web connects all the sites and documentos.”

Through links search engine’s robots (called crawlers or spiders) reach thousands of millions of documents interconeted in the web.

Once the search engines have found these sites they read their source code and save this information in their databases, that are located in huge hard drive storage locations all over the world.

This is how search engines can give fast response to the millions of search queries made daily.

Supplying Answers

Search engines are “answer suply” machines. When someone types in a word or frase in a search box the search engines looks up in its huge databases to give results based on two things: first give only those results that are relevant, and secondly order them according to the usability the users may have found.Respuestas Buscadores

 Good advise from some of the Browsers:

Microsoft Bing engineers recommend the following in order to obtain better rankings in the search results:

Take care of a clearly ordererd structure and check that the keywords are present in the URL. Be sure that the content in not inside any Flash, Javascript or Ajax and be sure that your links are crawlable by spiders. Create rich content with many keywords based on what users might be searching for. Update and create new content constantly. Don’t put your keywords in images. For instance, try to put your organization’s name as text using fonts instead of using an image. If it’s not possible be sure that your company’s name is present in the “alt” and “title” tag. 

SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

For the past 15 years of Search Engine’s existence, marketing experts have found out the methods to obtain the necessary information on how search engines rank and classify websites. SEO and SEM use this data to help webistes achieve a better ranking. Thanks to the joined work of marketers and search engines, both sides have evolved and keep on doing it in order to optimize the search results that users look for.

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